Placement in Houston Area Public and Private Schools

Placement services for local Houston public and private schools.

In choosing the appropriate elementary, middle, or high school for their child, local families wonder about the breadth and depth of options in Houston and the surrounding area. Vanguard and Magnet programs are available to families that do not want their child to attend the public school that they are zoned for. Houston has many private schools to choose from as well. Whether the public school you are zoned for, a vanguard program or private school, the first consideration is “Who is your child?” The factors here are academic potential, social maturity, gregariousness, behavior, personality, work habits, excitement for learning, tendency to be independent, and ability to participate in group activities.

We know every school option in Houston, including specific understanding of what they do well and not-so-well. Yet, we always begin with the child and his or her unique traits, talents, and needs. We are experts at this skill and in more than 25 years of service to the Houston community, have sent hundreds of students to the right local school.

Parents have observed the child’s academic, social and personal preferences from the child’s earliest years and must use this knowledge for the decision about a school. Loaded with information, parents have a huge task of establishing priorities and thinking toward the future of college and employment. We find most parents have a difficult time organizing their thoughts and projecting the future of their child.

An even larger problem is knowledge of what the ‘real’ nature of the school is like: attention given to students, quality and enthusiasm of teachers, the school plan put in force by the Principal or Headmaster, athletic program, extracurricular activities, and for students who need accommodations, the nature of learning support.

Rumors spread from friends, neighbors, and other families as to what schools are the best. The best for who is the real question. Some private schools will take children with special needs, many will not. Public schools claim that they can serve every kind of student. However, we have found that this is not the case. Yet even here there is a stumbling block. Some students attend private schools that are not fit for them. The curriculum moves too fast or slow, the work load is too heavy or light, the chance for leadership opportunities good or poor, and the chance for good grades promising or unlikely.

The Shumsky Center For Academic And Career Performance has served students and families in local school admission for more than 25 years. We can efficiently identify the child’s needs and the right-fit schools for every profile imaginable. Our support will remove the stress of applying to and choosing the right local school. We will help you with every step in the process from identifying the right schools, completing applications and interviews, and choosing the school to attend.

Please call us today to start the local school search for your child at 713-784-6610.