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Hayden Shumsky

Hayden Shumsky, President

Judgment you can trust:
Experience – Hayden Shumsky has 15  years of practice as an education consultant and academic and career performance coach and many years experience as a hiring manager for global financial, media, and technology firms.  Dr. Marshall Shumsky, Emeritus, has more than 25 years of private practice as an education consultant in Houston, TX, and years of tenure as a Cognitive Science professor and graduate and undergraduate admissions staff member at Northwestern University and the University of Virginia.



Dr. Marshall Shumsky, PhD.

Dr. Marshall Shumsky, PhD., Emeritus

Success –Hayden and Dr. Shumsky have advised thousands of families and children to fruitful academic, vocational, and personal achievements. From school choices, college admission, tutoring, learning and attention disorders, to time management, careers, and special therapeutic needs, The Shumsky Center for Academic and Career Performance has successfully guided local, domestic, and international families through difficult times and major family concerns. Academic superstars, college and professional athletes, actors and violinists, as well as struggling students have all been assisted by compassionate and honest advisement from Hayden and Dr. Shumsky. Their outstanding track record of guidance has been profiled by The New York Times, Money Magazine, the Houston Chronicle, and ABC News.