Placement in Boarding Schools

Advisement for selection and application to best -fit schools (elementary through high school)   → learn more

Placement in Therapeutic and Specialized Residential Programs and Schools

Advisement, admission, and support during client stay at specialized programs (middle school through young adulthood)   → learn more

Assessment of Learning and Attention Disorders and Psycho-Educational Testing

Advisement and testing, as well as personalized learning plans and acquisition of appropriate accommodation, if necessary (elementary through adulthood) → learn more

Placement in Houston Area Public and Private Schools

Local families wonder about the breadth and depth of options in Houston and the surrounding area. We know every school option in Houston, including specific understanding of what they do well and not-so-well.    → learn more

College Admissions Program

Comprehensive and unlimited program for academic and extra-curricular advisement, college selection, essays, and application → learn more

Summer Programs for Middle School and High School Students

Study Skills and Methods; Life Management: Planning and Reviewing, Decision Making and Prioritization, Goal Tracking; Fall Course Preview Tutoring → learn more

Graduate School Admissions Consulting

Advisement for selection, interviews, essays, and applications → learn more

Learning to Learn Program

Study skills and methods for efficient, long-term retention of learning; one-to-one course (middle school through college) → learn more

Tutoring and Standardized Test Preparation

One-to-one tutoring for all subject areas and standardized tests (ISEE, SSAT, PLAN, PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, GRE, GMAT, etc.), specialized learning programs for students with learning and attention disorders (elementary-graduate school) → learn more

Early Teen and Teen Independence Program

A program for time-management, decision-making, and discovery of talents and interests (middle school and high school) → learn more

Career Beginnings Program

Career and personality assessment as well as one-to-one guidance for young adults in their teens, 20s, and 30s → learn more

College and Young Adult Life Management Program

A program for career and study path development, self-inquiry, goal setting, decision-making, time management, and accountability (college-30s) → learn more